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November 8, 2012
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Sammakko the Frog Mage by RyoNeko48 Sammakko the Frog Mage by RyoNeko48
This was an idea I had since many months. I always wanted to create a frog OC which was something different from the keronian ones. Not mentioning I dreamed of creating my own fantasy world setting (which i'm still working on), so I have to say this kinda makes me feel very happy on the inside =u=.

Sammako is the product of many days of ideas which crossed my mind. I'm already planing to draw the rest of the characters/settings of this universe in the future (as well for his human self). I can't tell much since it's still on the earlier stages of process. However, I hope you have fun for now with his story, which is, btw, kinda long, so please be pacient ^^; (I haven't took so much time to write a bio since Kushasha)

Anyway, enjoy!

... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

Name: Sammakko (Samm Jannson)
Sex: Male
Species: Frog (formerly human)
Age: 15
Weight: 4 kg
Height: 15 cm
Birthday: November 9
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Occupation: Wizard
Theme: Marionette Purple (Blazblue Calamitty Trigger) [link]

Samm Jannson is a young, 15 years old kid, who lived on a large town located at the coast, which was the capital of a much bigger nation called Kaleva, right at the north ragion ofa fantasy world called Goethia, vastly different from our world, and on which both magic and mechanic inventions were part of the usual daylife... besides Kaleva, there were other three great countries which englobed the whole world: Samarkand, Taysha and Vajra. ((I will write more info about Goethia very soon so stay tunned))

Since he was a young child, he dreamed of being a great magician, so he enroled on an earlier age at the Institute of Magi which was located in the capital of Kaleva, right at the top of a hill, and surrounding a large and mysterious Sampo tower ((the name is a reference to the legendary treasure of the finnish epic, Kalevala, which was said to grant eternal riches to it's owner)), on which was said to contain important artifacts which shouldn't be reached by the wrong hands, so it was forbidden to everyone to go in. This tower was guarded by a keeper, who was a very strong magi user and was a descendant of a long line of guardians who knew all the secret passages and traps of this dungeon, although even them were not completly aware of the nature of the things which were being guarded inside.... The current Tower Keeper's name was a 30 years old man called Ismo, who was also Samm's father, making him also destined to be the next guardian of the Tower.
Ismo taught Samm about the mysteries of the tower since he was a kid, and also teached him of stories about how the world came to be. However even himself was somewhat naive of the things which were being guarded and were considered by most people in the current time as legend. Ismos's wished to see Samm fullfil his dreams of being a powerful mage, however he also wanted to input a sense of responsability at him since he wanted his son to suceed him as the guardian when his time came. However, Samm was rebelious by nature and always dreamed of traveling arround the world outside the walls of the town, and hated the fact that he would probably have to stay and guard the tower for the rest of his life, making him skip his duties at many times...

Samm shown an outstanding affinity with the Aqua element when he was learning to use Magi. However, he always got distracted very easily, not mentioning he had a huge amount of clumsiness which made him oftenly causeaccidents with wrong magic spells at the academy, leading him to get low scores, as well to got onto more than a trouble, leading to many of the people in the academy to not take him seriously and not having much, if any, friends.

He also tended to skip classes at times and tended to wonder around the capital city which surounded the Institute, sometimes trying to impress girls with his failed magic, only to end in ridicule, not mentioning he wasn't much of a brave person, oftenly getting scared easily and preferring to run from any dangerous situation rather than risking himself.
One day, a new kid came to his class...a transfer student who was slighty smaller than him, and had long, messed up black hair, and a pair of big eyeglasses which covered his eyes. His name was Jaakob, and was also 15 like Samm. Despite Jaakob was more introvert and geeky, and tended to be lonely most of the time and not having friends, he shown a great prowess in magic, quickly becoming a model student. Samm became kinda jealous of him at first and initially considered him a show off, making Jaakob feel quite annoyed at him at first and trying to avoid him.

However, both of them realized they were also lonely, and after Samm stood against a bully who threatened Jaakob, the two of them grew feelings to each other and became unseparable friends for a long time. During this time, Jaakob also helped Samm to improve more with his studies, teaching him some useful stuff which made him improve as a mage student..
After some months, the final exams were just next door...and Samm was still not fully ready for those. He knew that he would might get expelled from the Institute if he failed the exam again (since this was the second time he was presenting it)...he tried to think on a way to not fail the test, but there was no way he could study so many things in just two days. He tried to ask Jaakob for help. His friend, in turn, told him that he couldnt help him to learn everything in such a short time. However, he told Samm about an item which could help him pass the exam... however, that thing was at the very same Sampo Tower his father protected.

Thousands of years ago, there was a legendary Grimoire, which was forged and used by a powerful mage, acompained by a group of legendary heroes, in order to seal a terrible evil which plagued the land. This Grimoire was called the "Dogma of Goethia" , or simply called "The Dogma" . After this evil was finally vanquished, however, they feared it’s power, because it was so vastly powerful it could even alter the very reality if it ever felt on wretched hands. Because of this, the Dogma was splitted onto eleven (11) tomes, and many of them were either scattered or sealed around the world…however, even one single tome had a vast magic power and it also enhanced the owner’s magi to a good amount as well. The Tome of Da’at, one of these, was sealed inside the Sampo Tower. Thus, Jaakob suggested to him that maybe he could sneak inside the tower, since he knew all of it’s corridors and traps, and borrow the book for a moment in order to use it to solve his predicament. That is, of course, it the legends were true.

Samm remained doubtful at first, not wanted to betray the rules established by the keepers as well for disobeying his father, but also he didn't wanted to disappoint him since he had many expectations for his son... So, in a moment of despair, he decided to venture himself onto the Tower (while his father was sleeping), since he was already aware and knew of how to get through the many traps and labyrinths it had. After searching, he found what seemed to be the object he was searching for: An old, exotic-looking book, which was covered in dust, lying in the middle of a pedestal, and which had the Seal of Knowdelege engraved in the cover. He brought it with himself and quickly left the tower.. Although feeling sick for what he did, he promised to himself that he would put it back onto its original place right after he finished using it…

As the kid was going to his room in order to open the book, Jaakob was waiting for him in the hallway...however the look in his face was a complete different one. As Samm got close to him to ask him if he was ok, Jaakob simply used an unknown spell to paralyze him completely, as he stole the tome from him, in front of his astonished eyes. Samm tried to ask him what he was doing, as Jaakob, with a cold expression on his face, simply told him that all of that was setted up: He was just pretending to be his friend and tricked him, convincing him to get the Tome of Da’at, in order for him to steal it and reunite all of the tomes for his “master”, implying that he was serving a higher power who was pulling the strings on all the events…

Samm, feeling completly betrayed and in disbelief at Jaakob’s words, confronted his friend, thinking that it was just a sick joke. Both of them fought each other with their magic, causing the hallway to get destroyed and alarming the others...however, Jaakob was far superior than Samm, and it didn’t took him longer to overpower him as he ended up badly hurt, but kept getting up despite this…surprising Jaakob, who noticed he had a hidden power inside him.
He decided to end the fight quickly. However, feeling doubtful himelf and not wanting to kill his friend as he was ordered to, he instead decided to turn him onto something "unthreatening" to their plans. He quickly recited strange verses which Samm never heard before, and sent a wave of electricity towards him. Indeed, Samm screamed in horror as he felt his body deformating and sinked onto his own clothing, dissapearing, as Jaakob escaped through the destroyed hallway’s walls, with a saddened expression on his he didn't never wanted to betray his friend and he was being forced to do this horrible act.

As Samm quickly noticed he was still alive, and took away the clothing that covered him, he was barely conscious and dizy, and noticed that the room around him became, he became smaller. He didn't had time to check what was happened to him as the others already had woken up and were on their way to see what was happening. He escaped through the debris of the room, jumping to the border of the destroyed wall and falling directly onto the large lake which was located just outside of the academy. He swam away as fast as he could from that place, noticing as well that for some reason he could swim much better. As he reached the lakeshore and was already pretty far away, he felt unconscious….

Samm, lying tired at the lakeshore, after many hours, finally woke up and noticed he couldn't stand upright for a reason. As he wanted to know the reasons of those alien feelings, and what did the spell exactly did to him, he crawled to the lakeshore in order to see his reflection...his now huge eyes widened in fear. Samm was a human no more. He had just become a bright brown, small anthropomofic frog, covered in dark warts.

Many fears and toughts entered through his mind instantly, wondering what would happen if they found a talking frog, and fearing he would be either eaten, enslaved or used to gain profit as an attraction. However, there were many worse things than any of that now: Jaakob, the person who he trusted more in the world, had just betrayed him and turned him onto that hideous thing. One of the 11 Dogma’s tomes was on his hands, and only god knew what he was planning to do with it, and even worse, what could happen if he reunited all of the tomes.

Samm, being forced to leap as a frog since he couldn't walk upright properly, went deeper onto the dark forest, away from the town and the Academy, and venturing onto the unknown wilderness. Meanwhile, his father, Ismo, after the robbery of the Tome was discovered, was blamed as he was suspected of having helped the culprits, so he was put under arrest until they discovered the truth… Lone, hopeless, and without a strip of clothing...he was completly scared and saddened because of all the disaster he had just caused because of his selfish desires. However, tears wouldn’t solve it, and he knew he had to prove his father's innocence, get the book back and stop Jaakob and whoever was pulling the strings of these events, having a feeling that his hometown,no, the entire world was in danger.

Samm spent a couple of weeks adapting himself to be a frog. Running away from snakes, leaping onto lilipads…however he avoided to eat insects at all cost, despite having been tempted to do it so, and since now he also possessed the trademark long tongue frogs had. Luckily, he still could speak the human language, and also gained the ability of understanding what other animals were saying. One day, when he was still trying to walk upright, he accidentaly stumbled upon a suspicious looking tree, and noticed there was something hiding inside it. His now small size allowed him to see what was inside...discovering a large blue stone, which was glowing a bright blue aura. Without knowing what it was, he grabbed it. As he used it, he discovered he could magnify his water magic with it, allowing him to perform a great number of water elemental spells, despite of his now diminute stature. Still unsure of it's origins, he decided to use it and stayed in the forest for some time, until he finally learned how to use it, at the same time he was trying to adapt to his new, amphibious form.

Some days later, during his journey at the forest, he was found by a large, threatening snake who was feeling hungry and wanted to eat Samm for dinner. Despite he defended himself, he was eventually cornered and felt like this was the end for him…however, the snake was quickly blasted away, as he felt someone else was standing there.

The person who helped him, a anthropomorphic old toad, which looked like he was on his 50’s , and who was wearing a cloak and a staff, only slightly taller than him, was standing there, with a calm smile on his face, snickering and pointing out about Samm’s clumsiness. The young frog was annoyed at him, but however it was his first time meeting someone like him, and who also possessed an even greater magic power. The toad introduced himself as Aalto, and as Samm told him his story, Aalto told him that if he went towards Jaakob on his current state he would probably be killed off, since he still wasn’t ready and didn’t knew how to use the stone he was carrying now with him.

He offered him, with a calm expression, to train him at his home, promising to prepare him better for the adventure that was waiting to him. He told him that the training would take up a month and half, but that he needed to be pacient if he wanted to stop Jaakob’s plans. Samm, reluctantly, accepted to become his pupil, and joined him onto his home, a small hut located at the pond shore, on where he would live on the next month…

Aalto placed the stone Samm was carrying onto a staff he made out of wood and vines, which looked similar to the one he was carrying, and gave it to Samm, which would become his signature weapon. He also gave him some clothing similar to the one he was wearing, made out of lilipads and leaves, as well for a long scarf, in order to keep him a bit of decency, though still not covering much ((XD)) The training was hard and exhausting, but Samm learned to control his water affinity perfectly, to the point of performing outstanding feats with it, as well for using his new staff to perform meele attacks just in case, although not as powerful as magic Aalto also taught him many other things about the world, and how to survive better in the woods, as well for getting food and trying to make Samm eat bugs, much for his dismay, as he couldn’t help but laugh at his shyness, teaching him to eat other food like fruits and fish instead. They both developed a strong master-pupil relationship during this time, and Samm ended up admiring and considering Aalto like a father figure to him…though he also guessed Aalto was a former human as well, because of his control over magic and his human personality traits, wondering as well what was his past... ((Aalto’s story and past will be published in the future along with the other characters I’m still currently planning)).

A whole month and half has passed since the training. Samm, although still a frog, has learned to adapt much better to his new form, and finally managing to walk both upright as a human, but still able to leap and jump longer as the frog he was...although still having part of his distractions and cowardice, his training with Aalto helped him to overcome many of his fears (like the snakes which were interested on eating him), and became a more adventurous person. His sad experience with Jaakob also made him become more untrustable of others, fearing he would be used once again, but was deeply grateful with Aalto and still trusted him a lot. As he trained and studied magic under his new master during this time,he became a more skilled mage. Though he still has problems with certain kinds of magic spells (which still works wrong or backfire at ocassions) the staff helped him to develop his water magic, which was already good before he found it.

He adopted the name of Sammakko, which is a variant of his human name (Sammakko, meaning "frog" in finnish), and as Aalto felt he was ready enough, they both bid farewell each other, as Samm promised his master to visit him again and to not letting him down. After the tearful farewell, he finally adventured outside the forest, and decided to travel the world, in order to find the Tomes and fix all the disaster he caused. His dream of traveling the world became true. Though not in the way he expected....

Samm is usually with his mind on the clouds getting distracted very easily and tends to not listen to persons very well, which is the main reason he's so clumsy to start with. He is very adventurous and likes to discover many things which are unknown to him. However he can get scared very easily at many ocassions and try to run from a situation instead of facing it, creating a weird mix of bravery and coward. Some of these traits usually makes him look like a complete and absent minded idiot to the rest.

However, deep inside him, he's a person tormented with the terrible mistakes he did and which caused so many problems, and wishes a lot to fix those. His previous experience made him to be relatively unsecure of others as he doesn't trust them easily, often suspecting of what they're planning. However he can also be very forgiving to others, despite the things they may have done, thinking that no one is completely evil. This makes him be some kind of an idealistic person. He can become serious and determined when the situation requieres it, and showns excelent feats as both a magician and a strategist at times, skills which he learned thanks to Aalto’s training.

He still has his same voice as when he was still human. However he now suffers of a verbal tic, and usually ends his sentences with the word "Geko" (or says it whenever he's surprised/excited)

LIKES: He always enjoyed using magic, despite he is a very clumsy person, and wished to be a great wizard. Samm hated the enclosed environment on which he grew up and despite his cowardice, had an adventurous spirit which made him to escape sometimes in secret and wander through many places, like the town which is adjacent to the building. He also liked to collect some strange objects/tokens he found on his way, and adorned his room with those.

Samm has a huge attraction to girls, as he often acted on flirty way with some of them during his time as a student, which often ended badly. Even as a frog, he still likes to flirt with human girls and sometimes wants to trick them on kissing him, telling them he's a stereotypical "frog prince" and promising to give them riches if they do it.

DISLIKES: Samm was a bit claustrophobic ever since he was younger, hating to be on enclosed environments for a prolonged time, which makes him feel nervous and is also part of the reason he always tried to adventure to other places and often escaping from the Academy. He doesn't like people who act too arrogant or cocky, as he disliked Jaakob at first thinking he was that kind of person, but later realizing he was quite humble and reserved.

Although now a frog, he dislikes the thought of eating an insect, and so far has resisted the urges that come to him here and then, preferring to eat other things like fruits and berries. Not mentioning he has grown a huge fear for snakes, which constantly bullied and wanted to eat him.

As a mage, he knows a good amount of many kind of spells. However, those don’t work always as originally intended, and sometimes he either performs a wrong spells or this one goes against the caster.

Despite these flops, he's very proficient with the use of water magic, as Samm is able to cast very powerful attack magic with it. He already had an affinity to the water element, which increased once he obtained the aquastone, which later became his staff and enhaced his power. One of his signature abilities is to summon a large amount of water projectiles behind him, and sending them towards the foe at a large speed, which enough strength to pierce through strong armor. He also can summon a giant Water Golem (which is arround 4-5 meters tall) which assist him in battle and divides itself onto other golems once he's destroyed (however each clone is smaller than the previous one)

Also, as a frog, he's able to leap and jump large distances, and has gained a great physical ability. Not mentioning he gained a long tongue, which he can slip out, using it oftenly in a teasing way.

... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

Thats all for now. Promise to draw more of him on the next days! c:
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